Monday, 11 March 2013

Things 19 and 20: Wordle and Tagxedo

I used Wordle in a previous blog post, not realising it was one of the official Things.

Wordle lets you generate word clouds using either your choice of words, or using text it takes from a website. I created the following by entering my blog address as the URL:

It's free, it's fun. it's easy, you can change the font and the colours and the orientation of the words without any effort at all. And best of all:

How generous is that? Thank you, you can come round for tea and cake any time.

On a similar note, Thing 20 is Tagxedo which also allows you to create word clouds in the colour, font and...wait for it... shape of your choosing, such as:


or even

How great is that? Plus:

Mr Tagxedo, you are also invited for tea and cake. I thank you for your work.


  1. So what would you do if and Mr Tagxedo came to tea? I guess if they came with cake who would refuse them entry :) I really enjoy reading your posts!

    1. Thank you Emma - you may also come for tea and cake :)