Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thing 16: Flickr

In the Shadows by Nicki Clarkson
In the Shadows, a photo by Nicki Clarkson on Flickr.

I like Flickr a lot.

Thing 16 has given me the perfect excuse to take random photos with my lovely smartphone and play around with editing them; the image above was modified from a photo of a tree with blue sky and the sun streaming through in about 10 seconds using a free iPad app* (called PhotoPad) and that's just the tip of the iceberg -  there is so much more you could do. I could happily spend entire days editing photos on my phone or using free iPad apps then sharing them on Flickr.

Flickr itself is very straightforward (although works better on a computer than an iPad); you can choose whether to have your photos available for public viewing or private, you can arrange them into sets, and you can upload a lot of photos for free without having to pay to upgrade to the 'Pro' membership (although only the most recent 200 will be displayed). You can also connect Flickr to your blog to easily insert photos to blog posts, as above.

The hardest part is coming up with interesting names for your photos!

*From my phone to Dropbox, then from Dropbox to the iPad camera roll, selected within the app, resaved to the camera roll then uploaded to Flickr.


  1. Great photo Nicki - you got your eyes on that shiny trophy?

  2. I'm afraid I'm having too much fun editing phones on my I-phone also. That's an absolutely lovely image.