Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thing 17: Creative Commons Images

Marwell by Stephen Burch
Marwell, a photo by Stephen Burch on Flickr.

I found this photo by doing an advanced search on Flickr, using Marwell as my search term and ticking the 'only search within Creative Commons-licensed content'. I love the way giraffes often look intrigued in photos and this one in particular seems very interested in the photographer.

I used the 'share' feature in Flickr to upload the picture directly to my blog, which pulls through the attribution information and allows you to click on it and see the original photo on Flickr. That's the kind of technology I like!

Here is my Flickr photostream


  1. Love your photostream and the effects you use on your photos. Am I right in thinking you might have your eye on the prize?!

  2. One of those photo frames will be mine...MINE I tell you, mwah ha ha ha...

  3. Wow! my favourite animal in such a lovely pose :-)