Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thing 1

...which is also Thing 2, in a pleasing Dr Seuss fashion: create a blog (voila) and write a blog post (taa-daa).

So here we are, after countless minutes, nay years, agonising about blog titles and addresses. There are just too many choices; should one go for cool and ironic? Amusing? Informative? Practical? Soul searching? Something that will resonate with everyone who looks at it? Anonymous or easily identifiable?

Then there's the risk that if you spend too long thinking about it by the time you've actually created the blog you will have forgotten all the witty, entertaining and cultured remarks you wanted to put in your first post so you settle for an informative title and a slightly more obscure blog address.

Pardon? What is 23 Things? Ah, I'm glad you asked. Draw your chair closer, my friend and I will explain:

Sot23 Things, as it is officially known, is a 12 week programme for University of Southampton library staff aimed at raising our digital literacy and then reflecting on our own learning. The full details are explained on the Sot23 Things blog (ooh look, my first link). I am taking part because I am interested in learning more about technologies and tools that I am vaguely aware of but have not had the chance to investigate in depth. Oh, and because they promised nibbles at the official launch.

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