Thursday, 17 January 2013

Reflective Learning Part 2

Hurrah! My zombie is safely in that last post. I was going to edit that post to add a couple of points but having opened it I decided it would be easier to create a new post - I think the Blogger functionality may work better on a computer then the much loved iPad I'm currently using and I don't want to risk losing my zombie.

I think I could have uploaded my picture from web Blogger (rather than the app) if I had created a Google + account but at the moment I don't want to because it shares too much information for my liking. Anyway, I like the sense of satisfaction you get when you create a successful workaround so that made the laborious process worthwhile.

So what have I learnt from this? Am I reflecting? Shall I share my reflections? Well, it reinforced my thinking that Googling is a great way to find the answer to any technical question - that is how I found the free Blogger app. I also learnt (by playing around with the screen) how to save a picture from Facebook to the iPad photo gallery which will be useful in the future; initially I thought I'd have to take a screenshot of it which would not have looked so good. But* mostly it confirmed my thinking that I like playing with comic apps!

*I know, sentences should not start with but or and. But I've done it. And I'm using the informality of blogging as my excuse to carry on doing it.

(Now switching to the app to add an image...)

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