Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thing 14 Part 1: Delicious

Slightly embarrassed to admit that although I only set up my Delicious account on Monday I have already forgotten what I used as a username so can't actually access it at the moment...

Before setting up the account I did try to use the 'Sign in with Twitter' option when I first looked at it (thinking it would save me having to remember yet another username/password...) but using Internet Explorer it didn't work at all. I switched to Chrome, and although it still didn't work it did kindly inform me that it was in a loop so I gave up on that idea.

So what is Delicious? In their words:
It was easy to add links, and add tags to them, but I haven't got as far as seeing how you can then organise your links - it's going to take some time to get a feel for it and find out what it is useful for (once I've successfully signed in of course...) but for now I see it as similar to Netvibes; interesting to know about and I will explore it further when I have time. I would like to find a way to organise all the Open Access weblinks that I've found and Delicious could well be the way to do it (at the moment I email them to myself which probably isn't the most efficient way of doing things).

Verdict so far: cautiously optimistic and I will hopefully use Delicious over the next few weeks and then report back before the end of the 23 Things.

(Update, 17/4/13: I haven't gone back to look at Delicious and I'm probably not going to. Shame on me, I could be missing out on a useful tool here.)

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